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As we all know, laptops and desktop computers are not the same. Laptops are relatively more sophisticated and compact. Therefore, laptop parts are also different from desktop computers, which are generally not universal. In addition, some laptops have their own special designs and parts, and these parts are not universal among laptops of different brands.

Product Type
There are many types of laptop parts. Power adapters, batteries, and even laptop radiators belong to the parts, not to mention the most commonly used external mouse and external keyboard.
Product type refers to the specific product type of laptop parts, such as DVD, COMBO, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD burner, power adapter, LCD screen, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, various types of expansion parts (including docking base , docking station, etc.) and motherboards.

The memory used by a laptop is different from that of a desktop. The number of pins and memory slots are different from ordinary memory, and the price is higher than a desktop computer. For laptop computers, since most of their memory is used in a shared manner and is responsible for all storage functions, such as memory and video memory, the impact of laptop memory on the overall performance is more significant in comparison.

The motherboard of a laptop is different from a desktop. The laptop adopts a highly integrated design with a high degree of integration. There is only one motherboard that centrally installs a series of components such as the CPU, display controller, hard disk controller, and input / output controller. Together with the laptop-dedicated CPU, it guarantees the normal operation of the laptop through high-performance cooling technology.

Power Adapter
The power adapter of most laptops can automatically detect 100-240V AC (50 / 60Hz). Basically, all laptops have external power supply, which is connected to the host computer with one cable, so that the size and weight of the computer can be reduced. Only a few models have internal power supply.

There is a nameplate on the power adapter, which indicates the power, input and output voltage, current and other indicators. Pay special attention to the range of input voltage, which is the so-called "travel power adapter".

LCD Screen
Since the birth of the world's first laptop in 1985, the LCD screen has been the standard display device for laptops. In laptop, the dual-scan passive array color display DSTN-LCD in passive matrix displays and the thin-film transistor active array color display TFT-LCD (commonly known in active matrix displays) True color display) two types of LCD.

At present, mainstream laptops use TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCDs. It is a screen composed of thin film transistors. Each liquid crystal pixel is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind the pixel. There are four (one black, three RGB colors) behind each pixel on the display. ) Independent thin film transistors drive pixels to emit colored light, which can display true color with 24-bit color depth, and can achieve high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information. TFT-LCD is one of the best LCD color display devices at present, and its effect is close to that of CRT displays. It is the mainstream display device on laptop and desktop.

Docking Station
A docking station is a base used to expand the functions of a laptop. It can connect a variety of external devices (drivers, large screen displays, keyboards, printers, scanners, etc.) through interfaces and slots. This design allows users to enjoy the convenience and comfort of a desktop computer in the office, and to play the portability of the laptop when mobile office. The expansion of the laptop through the docking station can greatly widen its field of use, enabling it to have functions equivalent to or more than desktop computers. There will be multiple expansion slots on the docking station system, supporting a variety of devices, including optical drives, hard disks, second or third batteries, etc., which can make up for the shortcomings of thin and light laptop with fewer parts, and freely choose parts in different occasions.

Finally, other devices, such as keyboards, may have different shapes than desktops, but they have basically the same functions.

Applicable Models
Applicable model refers to the specific model series or model of laptop computer applicable to the accessory. Among them, most parts are general-purpose products, such as memory, hard disk, etc., which can be used on all laptops; while a few products are special-purpose products, such as docking stations, which can only be used on specific models of specific brands.

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